By Grace and Guidance, by Technical and Bible.

It use to be fun while on the job or jobs to tell stories of past experiences; however as the years and diverse experiences taxed even my own credulity, it was feasible to decrease the stories. There is no such restraint here, and you the readers have the option to stop or be seletive at any point you desire. It is the intention to make a short total sweep at first of a life lived by grace and guidance of God, and on the human work side by technical and Bible. Having already died six times, 3 on the tennis court at McClennan Tennis center near Southwest Seminary Fort Worth, and 3 times in the ambulance on the way to John Peter Smith ER. {I know even this is hard to believe, the ER doctor called it a medical miracles, I chose to call it the high point in one Christian journeyman’s life of grace and guidance.} The point is that short sweeps with periodic modifications and updates of the sweep lengths will be provided as long as God provides me with breath, mental acumen, and resources; after all as Ann, my wife, and I agree, it is “the grace of life” also from God the Father and Creator. Also, since increasingly the need is demanded for more time and efforts on the Bible website of {later the reason for that name on Yahoo will be given}, as mostly in this 79 year old life the priority was given for service and guidance, the prayer being expressed most days for both His gratitude for the “teaching to number days to apply heart to wisdom” and daiy guidance. Does it surprise you that the grace and guidance did come, not as “of the world” and the with the wisdom of the world, not much more than just the adequate provision during good times and hard times of the contentment with “bread and clothing”, surprisingly even more so during these last 4 years by the grace and guidance of God. One advantage of hind sight is that many things which did not make sense during the 79 or so years have come to make more sense now?
Seems like we can always make harmony and organization out of what has already happened more than what is ahead, but now it is possible to notice the prevalence of fours in the major events of life: (1) 4 years in Galena Park High school and the dominant activity of camping and Boy Scouts with life guarding at the local swimming pool; (2) 4 years from High School graduation in 1953 until 1957 when I would have completed a degree from Baylor, however leaving early as the guidance was yet to come at Memphis and Bellevue Baptist Church and aviation electronics school at Millington on the three major thrusts and activities of life, (3) years in Naval Aviation at Pax River Maryland and Argentia, Newfoundland helping to form up three early warning squadrons of superconnies and in Newfoundland flying ever 3 days for 13 hours with a 23 man crew between Argentia and the Azores; (4) in 1957 at Bellevue and by Dr R.G. Lee it became “the grace of life and wife” and then 4 years later in 1961 witnessed some big jumps {it seems now that there was the propensity to often jump in over the head, then have Christ pull me up later from out of the deep–my friends and acquaintances put it another way, “if you fell into a barrel of dung”, yes they used another word, “you would come out spelling like a rose.”}, later in the fourth four chapter, some brief details will be given primarily of the events from 1959 when leaving the Navy and pastoring Walnut Valley Baptis Church while studying Bible at Ouachita Baptist College, jumping from there back into the technical with Missile work in Roswell New Mexico by way of some Bible studies for a summer at Southwestern; (5) the 1961-1965 four witnessed the completion of a B.A. in Bible at Ouachita except for 4 and 1/2 hours, the earning of a B.S.. degree in Pysics at ENMU and the start of teaching 4 years their in electronics technology; (6) you might already be marveling so let us see if the 24 years of career life can be shortened} with the trying times of the sixties, ‘65-69 with two trips to Thailand in a civilian support of the Vietnam war, working on a top secret project to monitor the Ho Chin Min trails and cut off the flow of men and supplies from North to South, Engineering back at the home base at Holloman on Telemetry, and one of the biggest events of our lives, the purchase in 1967 of our Mountain Home near Clourdcroft, NM, a home still owned for these 47 years as more a retreat and headquaters for operation, also a place to leave a large library of books of Physics, Religion and Bible, American Studies, etc and everythings else; (7) retirements with Lockheed on the F-16 and Raytheon Missile Systens on the KW as respectively a Flight Test Engineer and a Principal Missile System Engineer do not go in fours, being more in the ball park of 5 times 4 or 20 plus years; (8) however the 6-12 month contract jobs following retirements does add up to four–Lockheed Martin on the new C-130J, Pax River Maryland and on the Harry S. Truman for flight test of a modified Viking automatic carrier landing system, flying the flight test engineer seat of Bell Hellicopters in Mirable Canada, and helping to design the Future Combat System at Rockwel Collins; (9) also my new life after the six death experiences and the medical plus miracle to now, a primary caregiver for my wife and working the Bible website approximately 4-8 hours every day. It has been almost 3 years since the heart attack on the tennis court, and there should by the grace of God and His guidance, be a fourth or more; howjust in case this book and all the 10 chapters, including the introduction, will be done in total sweeps.
Oh yes, by way of introduction closure, you might consider this book a very practical life of apologetics, of Bible and Technology, as well as testimony to God, Christ, and the Bible. If you do not get enough af that here, and too much of me and us, you are cordially invited to browse and to download free the many, many books on Bible. And one matter of housekeeping, since the custom in the hundreds of books and Bible pages, and others on the Scots and technical, also cities, was to use the colors magenta and blue for notes and green for Bible quotes, it just seems necessary to continue with both. Magenta you have already seen in notes, so green will be used for Posts that enhance the flow, but are not indespensible for the major content. Some of these will be introduced after a second or third re-read. And…and one more matter, the effort will be made to add at least one very illustrative photo in each chapter. This introductory chapter is no exception. The photo is on the next page, of the McMichael homestead for 47 years and by the grace of God and for the care of the library, still counting.

Fortitude and Survival.

We would not be here in 2015, at the beginning of the New Year had it not been for the survival fortitude of the McMichael forefathers. There were some medical doctors and military leaders, but for the most part they pioneered the land of Scotland, Ireland, and America. By and large what they left was relatives like John McMichael of Belfast, the labor leader; McMichael run as part of the railroad in New York, McMichael creek and city near Philly where most of them entered early colonial America, most of them Indian traders. To summarize the American and Scottish heritage requires looking at six places:.
Appin in Argyle (1), Scotland, where the Carmichaels fought and died for the Stewart Clan at Culloden in 1745, the same place you might remember of the setting of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped. Who knows, it could have been a McMichael, Carmichael or cousin who shot the Campbell sheriff from hiding when he came to disposed the Stewart clan from their Appin land as the Clan system was being destroyed in the Highlands of Scotland. Certainly not the beginning of McMichael and related clans of Scotland, and sephs to have cause to come to early America; but necessary for survival during the hanging of chiefs and the burning of crofts in the Highlands.
The “Killing Times” of Scotland where English kings and leaders attempted to weed out under penalty of death the despised Presbyterian Covenanters like James and Daniel McMichael of Dalry Galloway Scotland. (2) This was more than one hundred years before Culloden, and one man has gotten rich tabulating all the Scots that were banished to colonial America simply because they were covenanters, or soldiers on the losing side, or in some cases to empty the prisons to find labor for plantations in America and Jamacai, requiring them to become indentured servants for at least 7 years to pay for thier passage, that is if they survived the trip.
Many of you have been exposed to the saga of Jane McMichael, a McAlister by marriage, that lost children and kin on the ship from (3) Ulster Ireland coming over to settle in Kentucky. This brings us to the second place in the history of the McMichael clan, only representative of most of the so called Scot Irish. Much earlier in history also than Culloden, Scots of the Highlands and Lowlands migrated to Ulster in Northern Ireland for several reasons. With economic hard times in Scotland, there was the lure of cheap land; but also the King and other leaders placed Scots there in order to quelch the rebellions of the Irish. While research indicates that far more McMichaels and related clans and sephs came from Scotland than Ireland, most Americans tend to think otherwise; and even my father of Cass County East Texas (4) always considered the name of Irish extraction in spite of a grandfather John Bruce McMichael who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Perhaps some of that was a reaction to being left fatherless at age 14 as his drunk father, son of John Bruce, was killed in 1905 by a Model-T while staggering home from downtown Linden; or it could have been from the infleunce of his mother, a Kelley, Elizabeth Kelley McMichael.
There seemed to be an affinity in my family for the Irish since Mother, also from Grapevine in rural Cass County(4) during the depression years, was both a Vaughan and a Dooley, the first being Welch and Scot and without doubt the second Irish. Research indicated that the Vaughans of Cass County did much better than the McMichaels, with hundreds of acres and larger evaluations during the depression years, especially since the 100 acres or so that John Bruce received as a bonus for confederate service either disappeared or is part of the mystery of Civil War times. Grandfather Vaughan is primarily remembered as a hard worker during those depression years farming on the fertile east texas clay soil peanuts, cotton, tomatoes, and you name it; also raising cows, chickens, and pigs. The wagon drawn by two mules is also recalled as he drove us to a Grapevine Baptist Church during those hard economic years when Mom and Dad farmed us out to them with equal time in Mama’s house just out of Linden. The same house Grandfather McMichael was tryiung to get home to drunk, and the same house as indicated by Federal census as the home of his father before him, John Bruice, and with another added mystery. A domestic servant in 1867 on that census in the household, black and 6 years old.
The bare min that can be written and remembered of John Bruce was that he was illustrious as a Confederate sergeant: shown in a photo at Galveston with his friend Edward Rufus with their pistols on their lap, captured at Arkansas Pass with a McMichael relative-sergeant, supposedly died in a Union hospital, on many federal Cass county census afterwards, and no none place of burial. For good or bad, some of those ran in the family going all the way back to the noteworth distiller of Appin where there is a public record of the original name that lead subsequent relatives to chose either McMichael or Carmichael as the name of preference. It is suspected that John McMichael, the distiller and large plantation owner of North Carolina and South Carolina (5), who also served along with his son William in the American Revolution, was a banished soldier from Scotland under the name of Carmichael, or some other disguise. His work as a Distiller points back to Appin (1), while his propensity for war and a moral and patriotic cause would point more back to the roots of James and Daniel McMichael of Galloway (2).
6 places were stated as summarizing the pioneering of the McMichaels and the related Scot Irish, number (6) is Jackson county Georgia. My lineage becomes more traceable with the preference of the family for John and William. The most documented of all the clan was John McMichael of south and north carolina {he wasn’t moving but only the boundaries}, so that any historical record must start here in Micklenburg (5), then move both backward and forward in history. This landmarked in stone, so to speak, had a son named William that also served on the rebel side in the Revolution, in turn William had another John (6) and this John Madison McMichael pioneered with a very large family in Jackson county. It would seem that it became a rallying place for the McMichaels, the Highlanders like the Carmichaels, and other Scot Irish Clans. It was this John Madison that lead the whole family to become converted to Baptists, and whose son Reverbed William Mc became a noted minister of Georgia. The third son of John Madison pioneered part of this McMichael family on a wagon train from Geogia (6) to Cass County (1) in East Texas.
NOTE: Please do not confuse the 9 periods of my own life with the 6 places of the McMichael Scot Irish heritage, that started not only the genes of “fortitude and survival” that brought me through the six time death experience at the McClennan Tennis center near Seminary Hill Fort Worth; and pardon the propensity for numbers, like math and physics, the 9 of my personal life experiences and the 6 of my heritage. Besides the technical, also dominate n the work of my career or careers was Bible; and it is the Bible that tells of the “grace and guidance” that would summarize life, mine and my heritage. If we Bible believing Christians believe the Bible, like in Ephesians, that God chose us from before the foundation of the world; then not only must be believe that He also chose our relatives, but also His grace and guidance is what brought all of us to 2015. Of course the trip was a group and clan trip, surrounded by so many like minded friends and relatives of a similar American pioneer heritage. Never thinking in terms of a worldly philosophy of live, in terms like fame and positions and wealth, my pioneering would have to be a humble effort at Christian Apologetics, a life lived in both the technical and Bible. To clarify the 9 periods of my own short life as compared to the heritage, “L” will be used with the 9 decades of my life, or so it seems sometimes with the amount of bridge that has gone under the water from the Depression years in America and the world to now with a question mark on what the the history of American Thought will label this decade, perhaps National Dens of Thieves. In other words for my own puny life, (L1), (L2), and (L3)…. (L9), which run forward in time sequence from the time of youth at Galena Park High School in Texas to the present in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by medical necessity. So for the Places of the McMichael heritage, “P” for Place or Points will be used as in (P1), (P2), etc with (P1) in the province of Argyle Scotland which would include the Islands off the Western Coast; (P2) Galloway in the Lowlands of Scotland more the homeland of the Covenanters, even here not to be oversimplified as McMichaels as other Scots were forced during the Killing Times to move to Islands like Mull for survival, then later taking ships at Cambeltown under who knows what name, or perceived name; (P3) Ulster Ireland which thought for hundreds of years would have to be considered from the Scot Irish settlers in Aamerica a waypoint between Scotland and America, and the place of migration for relatives like Jane McMichael; (P4) in the east Texas pineywoods of Cass County {it like other counties and state of early American history changed names with the historical context, but this will be covered later}, (P5) the Micklenburg of North and South Carolina with the landmark of John McMichael, the distiller, large plantation owner with over 13 black slaves, a revel with the American revolution and with his son William, but a brother name George not many miles away who was a loyalitist British Major–within itself interesting stories without as much mystery as that of John Bruce of the Civil War; then lastly (P6) Jackson County Georgia where the pioneering Scot Irish gathered for fellowship and protection from the Indians, sometimes with whom they lived and traded and sometimes with whom they had to fight for survival. In favor of organization, the Ls for Life will be briefly mentioned (L1) for youth and High School; (L2) for the second four years as transition from High School (1953) and civilian life to Naval Aviation life (1955-1959) with the life determining events at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis Tennessee of (a) a half career of electronics and the technical at Millington NATTC, (b) marriage in 1957 to a fellow church member at Bellevue, Emma Ann, and (c) a license to preach from Dr. R. G. Lee and the Bellevue Baptist church to pursue the other half of my career, preaching, teaching, and the Bible; (L3) the third four, from 1961 to 1965 with a completion of over 40 hours in Bible from Ouachita and a B.S. in Physics and Math from Eastern with a little Atlas and Minuteman missiles work in between, and interim pastoring in Eastern New Mexico; (L4) the period of Jumps in location and work and from 1957 with marriage, electronics, from Pax River Maryland and Argentia Newfoundland to Hot Springs Arkansas and the patoring of Walnut Baptist Church while commuting 40 miles to Arkadelphia for Bible at Ouachita; and preachimg work in NM on altlas missiles, also Montanna, South Dakota, and North Dakota on Mininuteman Missiles, a jump back to NM to in 1965 earn a degree in Physics {I promised to make this brief!} (L5) is also an overlap of L4 and L3, from 1961 to 1965, with a jump from BA in Bible work at Ouachita to BS in Physics work at Eastern NM, from Bible to technical at Ouachita and SWBTS, from pastoring to missile work at Hot Springs to Roswell NM and the Minuteman in the northwest states; (L6) a new home and a new War; (L7) Retirements, General Dynamics and Raytheon Missiles; (8) contract employment (CE) work in Flight test at four locations; and (9) real retirement from the Technical while pursuing 8 years of work on a Bibe website. {However did in that same period write TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS OF COMPUTERS with Matlab and free open software.}
One last statement before proceeding to Chapter 3, you did notice that whille the P’s of place go way back in time from Scotland and the 1600-1700’s on the othr hand the L’s of Life run also forward in time, generations later, from the 1950’s to the new twenty-first century.

 L1 (Galena Park High School), P1 (Appin Scotland), and P2 (Galloway Scotland).
You are probably wondering what the thread of continuity is between my life at Galena Park–of Bible witness on the morning PA system, camping with and without the Boy Scouts, lifeguard at the local swimming pool–and that of my relatives in the Highlands of Scotland. So am I, but it comes to me that “adventure” and the outdoors in a common element of both my genes and my heritage. We both were natural scouts by heritage and by choice. Even as the pioneer spirit of adventure brought many of the Scottish relatives out of the Highlands of Argyle and the Lowlands of Galloway, so a kindred spirit of the non-conformist dominated my activities as compared to my fellow classmates and high school friends. Whie I was busy at books, the Bible, witnessed over the PA, camping, scouting, and swimming, they were busy at choir and choir trips, clubs and parties and organized sports. There was no special effort on my part to be different as I recall now years later, it just seemed that the spirit of my Highland genes inclined me naturally to find and enjoy activities quite different from the norm. Pardon the testimony, but the fact that being a Christian at age 9 while a member of the Queensboro Baptist Christian and the conversion thereof in a revival meeting under the Christian Jewish Evangelist Hyman Appleman was just the beginning of the “by grace and guidance”, the first big step in “being chosen in Him from before the foundation of the earth”.
Many of you can appreciate the change in American history and schools between the 1950’s and now: now, where prayer is not even allowed at football games as then, muchless in the school classroom, or as in our case at Galena High over the PA sytem in every cassroom at 8 o’clock in the morning and with a Bibe scripture and prayer. You need it seemed so natural and normal, although I can not remember who specifically asked me to do it on the faculty and staff, nothing was thought of it being different and special at the time like the context won in high school, to the surprise of many of my colleagues teachers of an essay contest on some aspect of American democracy that put me before the High School in assembly; and, I am sure, allowed me to be selected to represent the democratic side against the republicans in a high school debate.
“A scout” in the words of the Boy Scout laws “is trustworth, loyal, helpful, courteous, kind, cheerful, brave, clean, and reverent” {I hope my good memory rentention at 79 has allowed me to get this right} obviously borders on the religion of the Bible; and even when I had the opportunity to be the young pastor attending Ouachita at Walnut Valley, and in spite of also being raised as a Royal Ambassador memoring much Scripture of the Bible, I chose the lead a Boy Scout Troop at the church instead of RA’s. But I have wandered far from Highland relatives that were so apt at scouting early America and trading with the native Indians, like with John and Charles McMichael, brothers of Pennyslvania. Granted their is a big gap in lineage tracings between Scotland, Ireland and John the Distiller of Michleburg, since all these efforts are made in terms of the McMichaels as only typical of Scot Irish pioneers, and since one of our deceased genealogists, Lois McMichael, in her book speculated that John the well-to-do for those times, distiller, somehow migrated down the famous Philly Wagon Trail to Micklenburg, it is a good place to start the transition of history from P1 and P2 in Scotland, perhaps even P3 in Ulster to colonial America. Directly in the gene pool or not, so illustrious were the lives of these brothers that it within itself makes a good history book of early colonial settlement.