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Scots, even in the Highlands, were not always fighters, most were farmers; however, it was more than a joke like a Presbyterian minister said on a flight into Glasgow, “It was a common saying that ‘I wish the Brits would leave us alone so we can fight in peace.'”  Also he said, “With a name like McMichael, why are you a Baptist instead of a Presbyterian?”

Scots do like to talk, you know, and boast like Texans–sometimes similar to here overlapping fiction with historical fact to spin a good yarn– coming (1) from a native Texan like Governor Sam Houston who chose to be more an American, and (2) because forefathers sailed from Appin and Galloway in Scotland to Ulster Ireland then in 1718 mysteriously appearing with the famous 5 ships in Boston Harbor as a Miller*, and our immediate heritage by the grace and guidance of God trekked and fought Indians from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Jackson, Georgia, to Cass County East Texas.  The change to Baptists started with perhaps our most famous relative, Georgia State Senator John Madison McMichael and his oldest preacher-son Rev William McMichael

It would seem also that Senator John like Governor Sam also objected to secession, consequently influencing Captain John Bruce McMichael to be a commissary officer in the Union, as you would expect causing all kinds of problems for several generations back in Cass County which during the War changed the name to Davis County, including the killing of grandfather Thomas Bruce McMichael after Judge Griffin C, great-great-grandfather, and John Bruce, great-grandfather were no longer there to put some Scot-Irish fear into them.  {By the way, it was only easy to run over in a model T and kill Thomas Mc since he was walking home drunk the mile from downtown Linden to home.}

*Another good yarn for later.  And you should know as you proceed, any similarity between the short Scot-Irish-American stories and actual historical facts is intended.

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