At last, AMERICAN SCOTS VENTURES AND ADVENTURES: A Story Begging to be Told is now on Kindle.
Of Course you can still free download the PDF copy at

Well, it is about time on Kindle. This is version 2 with a Statement of Faith Appendix included.
American Scots Ventures and Adventures: Another Story Begging to be Told Kindle Edition
by Jerry Vaughan McMichael (Author)
A McMichael Branch Story Begging to be Told: March to Texas for Land
The Frontier Thesis or Turner Thesis, is the argument advanced by historian Frederick Jackson Turner in 1893 that American democracy was formed by the American frontier. He stressed the process—the moving frontier line—and the impact it had on pioneers going through the process.
True Americans, pioneering with John Mac, miller, in Bucks County PA. with plantation land in Bucks Co PA, missions to Indians that finally killed him, with his brother Charles a registered Indian Agent; John and William of Mecklenburg NC with service as Patriots in the American Revolution; then the best Senator John Madison of Butts County; and finally to Texas, Cass County, in 1840, one year after Texas became a Republic and five before a State. No, Griffin C. and his 3 brothers and one sister did not deplete the family of ten of John Madison; however they did well represent them in Texas with a lawyer, a medical doctor (Dr. James Madison McMichael), a school teacher (killed in a duel in early Texas), and a farmer, and Nancy a Barber of a famed Cass County Wagon train.
The branch focus must center around GA State Senator John Madison McMichael of Butts County (1788-1854*) and Lois McMichael that courageously wrote the McMichael history centered around Butts County.
Preliminary NOTE: The “story that needs to be told” continued noting, of course, the broader perspective of the McMichael and Carmichael families, the other clans and septs of the Highlands, and the many, many–perhaps of none other American lineage–of the Scot Irish to the American heritage. Sorry, all of those families and lineages could not be mentioned, perhaps these clues for research will help you.
The McMichaels of Appin and Galloway were part of the turmoil’s between Presbyterians and Catholics that so often was the determinative history of Scotland, Ireland, and the Brits. Of course, you are aware of the history of the Stewart of Appin Clan of which some of the McMichaels were a sept that suffered the great loss to the Brits at the Battle at Culloden in 1745 with a subsequent burning of the crofts in the Highlands and the scattering of clan members, many to the US and Canada–of course here in Appin forced because of their social and political environment to support the catholic cause of Bonnie Prince Charles.
NOTE: It is suspected to be a similar set of circumstances many generations later when John Bruce McMichael of Cass County Texas fought with the 1st Texas Partisan Rangers in the Civil War. It was really more a matter of survival to protect friends, relations, and the homeland, especially when it is considered the lesser known fact that Governor Sam Houston refused succession and was kicked out of office in Texas. Both sides, the union and the confederacy, were wrong to kill their cousins and brothers; after all, you will find that 127 McMichaels were on the roosters of the Union and 122 on the Confederate States of America (CSA).

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